Lab – plug&play

We are a working lab, in constant research and investigation, designing for various organizations with different businesses and services. You’ll plug in to an already functioning lab which adapts to your circumstances and your needs.

Gowí Services

We design simple solutions for complex problems in order to positively impact your business and users.

Business Design


We apply design to accelerate innovation, transform processes and evolve business models.

Customer and Employee Experience Design


We co-design honest and attractive experiences for your customers and employees to fall in love with your organization.

Services/Processes Design


We co-design services based on real user needs and motivations. We redesign and optimize your processes and redefine them for a new digital organization model.

Brand Design


We design brands that make the essence of your organization tangible, creating a transparent and beneficial dialogue with its users.

UX/UI Design


Human-digital design, always keeping the user in mind, getting to know them profoundly, anticipating their needs and desires in order to offer intuitive, effective and memorable solutions.

Change Facilitation


We facilitate and promote learning, collaborative and innovative environments and cultures which provide meaning for people and bring value to the business.

HEREWIGO® Methodology

We combine tools and skills on our own working methodology which allows us to face the projects in a more creative and efficient way.



We understand and agree on the problem and the objectives with you.



We study the root of the problem, cross-check hypotheses, detect opportunities and reach conclusions.



We co-ideate and select the most suitable solutions/initiatives based on impact and required effort.



We define a plan based on the chosen initiatives, and we qualify work-streams, objectives and monitoring KPIs.



We follow the roadmap and we iterate the plans according to results, adjusting to the reality/current circumstances.

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