Our mission

Improve society and people´s lives through the projects we undertake with our customers in order to build a better and more sustainable world, where we can all coexist in a changing and flexible environment.

Our values

We know that customer experience is one of the most important factors for companies to consider, and so our behaviours follow that direction, defining our values and our modus operandi.


Our behaviour is based on being honest, transparent and independent, taking into account A impact of our work on our customers, on our customers’ customers and on society. And this reflects in all aspects of our work: in our communications, in the solutions we propose and in our behaviour as a team.


We move in a complex, interconnected world and we transform that complexity into simplicity based on humility. High-value solutions and implementations can only be found by making things simple. We achieve this simplicity thanks to our mature business outlook and a very human vision.


We are natural-born curious! We are continuously investigating looking for signs of change, taking into account the present society and how we want to build the future. We only conceive of our work by having an open mind, connecting different sectors, and enthusiastically searching for the best outcomes.

Gowí Team

We love working together, contributing and building. We respect and value each other, share interests and we love having fun and making your life easier.


My life has happened between Bilbao, London and Madrid where I currently live with my family. I love travelling, reading, watching films and my most hippy part loves yoga. I enjoy my vegetable garden, having drinks with my friends and a good meal with my family. Outgoing, empathetic and efficient, I have been for +25 years trying to make the customers´ lives easier and more exciting. Would you join me on this life adventure?

Sonia Etxebarria

Customer Experience & Customer Centricity

I live with curiosity and creativity, better together than on my own and I prefer to listen than to talk. My moment of the week is the voice class, and my balance comes through meditation and yoga. I walk along people and companies to get some clarity in the middle of the uncertainty and solve their innovation and business challenges through strategic design. Transforming through experience and easing the human change. The place where people, technology and business integrate to transcend and create the common future where we wish to live.

Stella Calle

Innovation & Cultural Transformation

Curious, methodologic, reflexive and creative. My recipe: branding + UX+ a great dose of sustainability. Transitioning towards design and circular economy, helping organizations improve their social, environmental and economic benefit. I enjoy nature, in the deep of the forest or on top of a mountain, taking pictures of everything that catches my eye on the journey.

Oscar Sáez

Branding & UX

Born in Seville with an adventurous soul. I have lived in different cities and countries in the world because I love moving out of my comfort zone. I studied economy which I fuse with my great passion, the digital marketing. I help start-ups and entrepreneurs with the digital marketing strategy. My favourite channel is Linkedin, I love the purple colour and the black chocolate.

Cristina Rojas

Digital Marketing Strategy

I am a strategic designer passionate about design and innovation to transform businesses and people´s lives with the objective of making a better world. I have been doing this for 25 years, I hope I have done my bit. I am from Madrid and my other passion is the photography where I teach creative processes, and when I can I show my work.

Raquel Lorente

Strategic Design & Future Scenarios
Adriana Salazar

I was born in Costa Rica, and always considered myself as a latin with markedly European character. That is why I've developed my professional career in European enterprises and cities. As an outdoor sports enthusiast I've always tried to permeate through my work approach the sports spirit and integrate Customer Experience through human teams collaboration to improve processes and adapt new management systems that will improve the perception, assessment and interaction of the different types of customers within the organizations

Adriana Salazar

Team Management & Process Improvement

I currently live between Madrid, Sydney and Rio de Janeiro. My work as designer navigates across anthropology (PhD) and experience and service design applied to both the innovation industry and academia. During the last years I was lucky enough to work with different sectors and inspiring international clients, co-creating and shaping together the futures we want to live in. When I'm not designing, you can find me in the mountains, sailing, playing bossa nova on my guitar, or jazz on my new trumpet.

Mayane Dore

Service Design & Design Anthropology

Originally from the Ivory Coast and living in Canada for 22 years, I have developed a love for reading and culinary discoveries.
Passionate about customer experience, I have over a decade of experience in this field. My greatest strengths are analysis, auditing and customer-centric strategy development.

Julie Tano–Lawson

CX strategy development

Living in the West of Ireland, I love walking my dog and spending time outdoors. I spend my spare time in the kitchen baking cakes and making pots of tea. With over 20 years retail experience working with national and international brands, I am passionate about the customer. I spend my working week delivering CX training to teams who want to exceed the customers expectations.

Melissa Moore

CX Trainer

Our Partners

We like being surrounded by companies and professionals we share values with, and we collaborate to offer the best solutions to our customers.